About KerberTech

Kerber Technology Solutions, LLC (KerberTech) was founded in 2004 by award-winning IT consultant, Jake Kerber. KerberTech is a software development company providing flexible, easy-to-use software customized for its clients' businesses.

KerberTech was created to meet a demand for a custom software development firm that can truly understand the needs of its business clients and speak in their terms.

We're based in central Iowa (Des Moines area), but can commute or work remotely as necessary. Contact us for more information.

How KerberTech is Different

Better understanding of our clients yields better results.

A major flaw with most custom business software firms is that they fail to adequately understand the needs of their clients. With just a cursory idea of the problem, they start to develop a technical system to try to solve it. The result is frustration, miscommunication, confusing and buggy software, lost time, lost money, and damaged reputations.

At KerberTech, we're experts at quickly developing a deep understanding of our client's business and processes. With that background, we're able to design a more complete solution that will save the client money and that they will enjoy using.

"From experience, I've noticed that most software developers don't take the time, or have the ability or interest, to truly understand the business needs of their clients. They're too focused on the technology and not the business processes. They're too anxious to get in and start writing code without first really understanding the problem their trying to solve. The result is a product that might work in certain situations, but not in others; is difficult to use or doesn't make sense to the clients' employees that are forced to use it; has bugs that need to be fixed; potentially causes cascading problems in other systems or business processes; adds to employee frustration; costs more in the long-run and doesn't solve the problem it's supposed to."
– Jake Kerber, President of KerberTech